Jan 9, 2010

Retexture of Savio's conversion of Newsea's Hawaii hair

August 03, 2009
There are so many "of"s in a title))
I've found Savio's original conversion and thought that mesh is pretty good, but texture looks wierd and all the hair is attached to the head. I've fixed textures and bone assignments that just for me and thought that I should show it to author of conversion. That was the way I learned about Simscave))
This hair have been also converted by an author (Newsea) but I cannot find any oficial link to it after they're moved to another site.

Direct link:

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  1. Hi, I downloaded this and it's the wrong link. It's actually a link to a Peggy conversion you did here: http://annihilationcc.blogspot.com/2010/01/peggys-hair-04852-conversion.html

    The mediafire link is the same as in that one. Can you repost the link for your conversion of the Hawaii hair, please?