Jan 23, 2010

Complicated Banality Hair, new mesh

This is hair from this post. I was searching for a better name for it than "Simple Haircut", but i'm not fully satisfied with final "complicated banality". My english is faaaaaar from perfect and I have a sense that something is wrong with that name) But I could not wait to upload it and it was needed to accept the name that already exist.

Jan 21, 2010

Nouk Anime hair conversion and retexturing

After some failures in my own creations i've decided to return to conversions. For a while)
This was one of my favourite meshes in sims2 (not the most, its conversion is still in progress).
This hair is suitable for females teen through elder

Jan 20, 2010

Nouk Anime hair conversion preview

Just wanted to tell, i'm almost finished new conversion and retexturing. This time it's Nouk's Anime Hair. Now i'm working on texture's shine.
This is how it looks now:

Jan 10, 2010

Upcoming and Unfinished

There some unfinished things, that i'm going to publish soon (I hope))

Project 1 - Crosses accessories set. Here is one of them - accessory on colar. Now i'm working on matching pedant, earings, and ring.
Project 2 - First hair made by me from scratch in 3dsMax. It have a working name "Simple Haircut" if someone will suggest me a better name for the hair, i'll be glad to adopt it)
Here is 3dsmax rendered image:
And here - a reason, why i didn't published it yet. Does anyone know, where came this mismaping area from? (i mean this stripe near the forehead) I was trying to ask about it at MTS forums, but still no answers(
Third project is a Victorian colar, that was once made as package, but i'm not satisfied of how it looks and want to remake it once again.


January, 4, 2010
Just published by a request some my sims, based on celebrities.
There are:
My favourite sim - Thomas Rainer (who's he?)
And Nina Hagen (Who's she?)

Druscilla's Accessories second edition

December 30, 2009
It's edited version of this accessories, some parts of mesh and texture are redone. And it's now availible in sims3pack.

Claw Finger Set

December 30, 2009
This is a ring for males in form of a Claw. I've made four versions - for index/middle finger on left/right hand. In three color variations each. It's kind of Metal or Gothic style.

Razor Accessories set

December 12, 2009
This is an opening of my TSR stage
Accessories set in for of razors. They was ordinary made as a prize for a contest in some russian community, but then I decided to share it to everyone.

Druscilla's Accessories, first edition

September 26, 2009
This is my first accessories: earings and cross. Mesh was originaly from renderocity, but it was many times altered in many places, so it isn't the same mesh.

There are newer version of that set, take a look upper))

More about it

Nouk SciFi Hair converted and edited

November 25, 2009
This is not only conversion, but a retexturing too, because I don't like much how Nouk's textures look in sims 3.
Based on this conversion I've written a Russian tutorial about hair conversion, I advice it to everyone, who can understand Russian, because I think it's very detailed.

Hair are in two variations: with and without curls. Second version doesn't have just edited alpha, but a reduced mesh.

More about this hair on simscave
and on MiXei here and here

Direct links:
With curls:
Without them:

With Curls
Without curls
Special Thanx to anzhela-yar an her Package-to-sims3Pack project, bacause I was too lazy to convert them myself)

Male version of previous hair

October 02, 2009
This wasn't released before and was made by a request, that's why image isn't well-planed.
Direct links:

My first not-converted hair

September 24, 2009
This if my first new mesh (that wasn't converted from TS2). This hair has special color channels alignment.

More about this hair
Direct links:

Peggy #03844 conversion

Another Peggy's hair. Unfortunately this hair isn't considered as a hair with accessories, a bow isn't recolorable. This is one of the reasons why Peggy's conversion is better.

You can find my version here
Direct link (package)
UPD: Sims3Pack (made by anzhela-yar)

Peggy may09 gift conversion

August 30, 2009
Another Peggy's hair conversion to Sims 3, have also converted by the Author later

More info here
Direct links:

Jan 9, 2010

Retexture of Savio's conversion of Newsea's Hawaii hair

August 03, 2009
There are so many "of"s in a title))
I've found Savio's original conversion and thought that mesh is pretty good, but texture looks wierd and all the hair is attached to the head. I've fixed textures and bone assignments that just for me and thought that I should show it to author of conversion. That was the way I learned about Simscave))
This hair have been also converted by an author (Newsea) but I cannot find any oficial link to it after they're moved to another site.

Direct link:

Peggy's hair #04852 conversion

August 03, 2009
This is my second hair conversion. Peggy again. It was a big job of moving vertices for they to match scalp. Again, this hair have been converted by Peggy later, and her conversion is better.

You can find my conversion here
Direct links:

Peggy #005520 hair conversion

July 30, 2009
My first hair conversion. It wasn't even published by me. But it have properly assigned bones and right recolorable areas. However this hair have been converted by Peggy later, and her conversion is better.You can find my version here
Direct link:

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I've never had any blog before, so I'm a little bit confused about what one should write in a blog, and about what he shouldn't.
At fitst I want to greate you, who are reading theese words. And I want to apologize for all of my mistakes. I'm Russian and I know, my English leaves much to be desired (my Deutsch is mush worse))

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