Feb 17, 2010

Mermaid Hair, new mesh preview

It's time to shear the mesh, I was long time working on. This hair is so long that even topless sim can wear it. I know there are some little mistakes in the mesh (especially bone assignment), but TBH I've almost hated it for all the time I worked with it and couldn't wait for a release.))

There are some screenshots:

This hair will be soon available at TSR (straight, wavy) after their approval I'll update this post.

Just as a bonus:
That's a preview of my next hair conversion. This time it's Helga's Hairmesh #86:

UPDATE 23.03.2010 (more than month from this post publication):
Hair was FINALLY approved and could be found there:
Wavy, straight


  1. Aaaaw, very nice! They look great! :)

  2. Wow, these are great :D

  3. They all look wonderful- I hope they get approved soon :)

  4. Do you think you could convert Raon Hair 81, Please? <3<3<3

  5. OMG , is beautyful :)

  6. It's beautiful! Could you recolor them, please? I think the texture should be a bit more detailed, so that it wouldn't look too flat. I think the curly hair could have less reular waves (be more messy ;)) I must say it's my favourite TS3 hair so far on the net. I'm deadly serious, I've been waiting for hair like that for a looong time begging every creator who would listen to me for hair that would resemble those from Victoria Frances paintings (had no respond)And you did it!!!

  7. Both of these hairs look really great, and I want them really bad,their awesome

  8. Approved! I really really like it :)

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  11. The wavy hair has gone missing. :( Will it be back?

  12. Вау!))) квакая красота!! Умница!

  13. Awsome i can not wait to get the mermaid hair i was trying to find this kind of hair for a very long time.